Online Ticketing is a online ticket booking web portal first time in Bangladesh. Anyone can book ticket online from the site beside searching and reserving hotel rooms and tour packages. All available local payment options of Bangladesh is there for paying ticket price or room rents

Global Service

Our 24X7 support infrastructure helps us to provide services to any part of the world. Moreover it is flexible to introduce any new requirements. We never get lost with client’s requirements and every request is documented in our system.

Global Bonding

We respect the culture and values of every nation and as a member of this global village we practice the same through our organizational culture. We are open for any shorts of partnering where mutual benefit exists. We believe in complementing each other with innovation rather than competing.

e-Commerce m-Commerce

e-CRAFT enables its solution with the latest technology. It also provides custom solution to its customer on e-commerce and m-commerce.We also do system integration with existing systems for enable with web and mobile platforms.Our experts converts our clients desire in to reality.


e-CRAFT's innovation team always works for finding new areas where it can give society the

Easy Solution

e-CRAFT always ensures easy solution for its clients so that our green technology really can...

Quality Output

Quality is most inner objective of any kinds of solution of e-CRAFT. We never compromise

After Sales

We always give highest priority to our after sales support as we understand our satisfied

About e-CRAFT

e-CRAFT provides a range of service from client-server & entire architecture application, Windows, Linux and Unix application, cross-platform development, internet application development and database solutions. In addition, if you would like your work done to be more competitive in pricing but without sacrificing the quality, we can help you!

Help & Tips

If you are installing our solution you will find it easy clicking next after next and we

Please be careful if you are uninstalling a demo version. All the data inputted will be removed.

You will find our interactive user guide very useful for easy understanding how to use the software.