IBSS Entreprise

Features of IBSS Enterprise

IBSS (Integrated Business Support System) will control end-to-end data transaction with complete auto posted accounting system. IBSS Enterprise is a complete solution for manufacturing businesses

Main Section


Main Section


L/C Information

L/C related information & stock record update under L/C

Banking Transaction

Creating bank accounts and update the deposited and withdrawal status of the accounts

Stock Entry

Import, local purchase, return of damage stock, purchase return

User Authentication

Multi level access as defined by the administrator & the software is customized for each user accordingly

Manufacturing items estimation

Entire estimation (merchandising), department wise estimation, work order process

Remove User

Administrator can remove or drop any user under him/her

Conversion of raw materials in finished items

Department wise users of raw materials & work status, recycling of wastages, classifying the production units, transfer out of final productions, variance calculations

Create New User

Administrator can create any number of users & define the access

Shipment of sales order

Indent documents, invoice for shipment, delivery status, confirmation of delivery, stock lot information, L/C receipt, stock lot quotation & invoice

Change Password

Any user or administrator can any time change only his/her password


All the features available in HR Management

Modify User

Administrator can modify the access right of any operator under him/her

Party ledger

Supplier, dealer, customer

Data Backup & Update

This is very easy & friendly way to backup data from the front end and update the previous backup any time and any number of times


Creating user-defined chart of accounts of asset, liabilities, equity, cost of sales, expense, income, journal entry, discount fixing, pricing option. Necessary posting from other sections of this software will get auto posting & no need of redundant entry


Any combinational reports are available in each section along with managerial reports