Company Profile

e-CRAFT gives a soft touch that helps your track every aspect of your Organization in the twinkling of an eye

  Competitive Price

  Reliable Long Term Benefit

  Accurate Output

  Friendly Interface Design

  Total Quality Management

Electro CRAFT Corporation Ltd. is a software development and IT solution company based in Dhaka, Bangladesh specializing in helping local and international companies in developing custom software and providing complete IT solution.

e-CRAFT provides a range of service from client-server & n-tier architecture application, Windows, Linux and Unix application, cross-platform development, internet application development and database solutions. In addition, if you would like your work done to be more competitive in pricing but without sacrificing the quality, we can help you!

e-CRAFT has been providing software development service for our clients since 2002, and we have accumulated extensive experience and have won customers’ trusts. Our firm has already successfully completed over 100+ projects, varying from tens of man-hours to tens of man-year and covering the industry of e-business, e-government, education, transportation, finance, trading, manufacturing and consulting. The biggest project we have done is about 100 man month. Now our developers are providing different kinds of programming services. The service includes works in the phase from system design to bug-fix. We are most strong in Android, PHP, Visual Studio.NET development on various platforms. Besides our experience, skills and the cost advantage, we offer friendly service, confidentiality and will be a partner you can rely on.

Our Mission

To empower organization through products and services based on their perfect need with a view to fabricate information perfectly and build fastest communication. We understand that long-term success is beyond making great products.  

Our emphasizes are

  • Business Solution
  • Customized software
  • Perfect information
  • Faster communication
  • Long-term benefit
  • Common bond and trust
  • Teamwork

Our Vision

Devote our-self in faster infrastructure development for helping business to enjoy the benefits of globalization through any sorts of automation.

Slogan: your associate in business automation

Journey started: First quarter of 2002 of English year


Area of Specification

Technology is changing dramatically; with the advent of information technology global business is changing drastically. No body survives except those who are adjustable to the change.

Now to coup up with this rapid change, we are developing our organization through IT solutions. We ensure the best possible solution by providing the following.

  •  Develop software on Database, Application & Graphics
  •  Network Solutions
  •  Corporate Reengineering
  •  MIS Consultancy
  •  e-Commerce Solutions

e-CRAFT’s Key Success factors 

Our vision of technology and the values are the major two key success factors. The values, which capture the spirit, philosophy and day-to-day business practices, are the foundation of our company. They are not new values, but rather a reinforcement of long-held company principles that underscore our relationships with customers, partners and employees.

Novelty: In an industry that moves at lightning speed, innovation is critical to our competitiveness. e-CRAFT’s long-term approach to research & development, combined with our constant efforts to anticipate customer needs, improve quality and reduce costs will enable us to deliver the best products and technologies.

Associates: Helping our partners succeeds and grows their businesses with the best platforms, tools and support is central to our mission.

People: Our goal is to develop a challenging career with opportunities for growth, competitive rewards and a balance between work and home life. In a fast-paced, competitive environment, this is a shared responsibility between e-CRAFT and its employees.

Diversity: We are committed to encouraging diversity in the workplace, not only at e-CRAFT but also within our industry. We perform equal opportunity in all hiring and promotions, and help to expand access to technology and employment opportunities throughout our industry.

Community: e-CRAFT and its employees recognize that we have the responsibility, and opportunity, to contribute to the communities in which we live, in ways that make a meaningful difference to people live. 

Company Differentiator 

e-CRAFT Corporate Profile and Organizational Structure Overview

The company is currently structured around the following core groups:

  Personal Services Team

  Major focus: Supports our clients through easiest way for customers & business for delivering software and assists with training program.

  Business Services Team

  Major focus: Productivity, business process applications and service. i.e. This team leads the effort to evolve a service-based product that builds on the rich functionality & capabilities of e-CRAFT office.

  Sales, Marketing and Services Team

  Major focus: Integrates the activities of e-CRAFT’s sales and service partners with the need of e-CRAFT’s present and future customers around the world.

  Research Team 

Major focus: Devising innovation solutions to the computer science problems of today & tomorrow, making computer easier to use, designing software for the next generation to improving the product design process.

We have separate user experience design (UX Design) team and our UX design is being considered as a part of software and solution development strategy, following the successful Silicon Valley ventures. Reference:

To ensure a superb User Experience for our users, following orthodox practices of User Experience Design will be exercised alongside development work in Agile UX mode:

  • Initial Research
    • Business Requirement Analysis – with visual Information Architecture
    • Identifying the Information Ecology
    • Needfinding interviews
  • Prototyping: Paper prototypes Wireframes for interfaces – with two concepts
  • User Testing to validate prototypes
  • Technical specification document for development team

Operations Team 

 Major focus: Managing business operation & overall business planning. i.e. This includes corporate functions such as finance, administration, human resource & information Technology. 

Project Management Approach


Our approach is collaborative iterative. Our philosophy of work is to collaborate with client in each stage of the development. We do not just get a project and deliver at the end – we work with you closely at every stage so that we are aligned with your expectation. We use a project management tools like where all the tasks, milestones, clarification are kept centrally. The tools also shows the daily developer’s activity, their work and feedback of all stakeholders – so the stakeholders always know the progress. Here is how the project is approached from the beginning:

The above mentioned process is an agile method known as Scrum. More details on the Scrum can be found here: Besides Scrum, we also follow Kanban, during deploy and post-deploy support phase, where all the deliverables cannot be identified beforehand addressing new issues quickly is very important.


We facilitate direct collaboration between our team and our clients, simplifying communication and shortening feedback cycles. Clients have direct access to the people actually doing the work, preventing misunderstood goals or miss-communicated technical requirements.

Throughout the design and development process we embrace feedback wholeheartedly, presenting iterations for client review and making incremental improvements toward the completed product. Design and development are simultaneous tracks in an integrated process. We prototype early, invite feedback, and iterate.


To ensure proper and speedy working of the web application, the website and application will be tested in different client machines in different browsers in a local area network. Individual testers will be employed to simultaneously access the site and thereby create a load at the server which might affect the performance of the portal. Any bottlenecks in the design or bugs in modules can be detected and instantly corrected by the development team at a brisk pace.

The corrected site will again be put to test to ensure proper functioning, and to also ensure that no other bugs have been introduced in the system as a result of fixation of previous faults. The individual dynamic modules will be designed and tested by an experienced team of developers adept in software development in quality centric way as mentioned above.

How We Guarantee Successful Delivery 

e-CRAFT is focused on ensuring that all projects meet our customer’s requirements and expectations. The following three aspects of our project methodology have been proved to guarantee the successful delivery in our four years software development practice:

Code Quality Assurance: We have a repeatable, effective software development process and a well-proven testing methodology to ensure the high quality of code and successful delivery to our global clients.

Also we have a complete set of internal code review and functions walkthrough policy, which contains co-worker review, peer review, cross walkthrough, and group walkthrough to ensure the code quality.

Schedule Assurance: To ensure projects are delivered on time we have developed a policy that is aimed to provide adequate visibility into actual progress and manage associated deviations from the schedules. Every week e-CRAFT will release a project status report and a plan for the following week. This provides your project manager with a weekly control point for schedule management.

Budget Control: We recognize our quotation process is critical to ensuring overall project success. Our weekly work reports will detail clearly how the project is tracking against the agreed budget. Any defect fixes during the 12 months warranty period are free of charge. Also, we have well-defined roles and responsibilities to ensure the pipelined developing lifecycle and reduce the cost

Our Pricing Model 

Being a leading software company in Bangladesh, e-CRAFT mainly follows cost based pricing model for fixing our product price. For this we-

– Unquestionably, analyze our prospective client’s needs and wants at first by judging their present working procedure.

– Then we suggest our recommendation with the analysis report and deal with price for the work.

– But it depends upon the volume of work, time duration and service contract with the clients. 

e-CRAFT’s Believe 

e-CRAFT’s corporate culture nurtures as atmosphere in which creative thinking travels, e-CRAFT believe that people are the company’s most important assets. Its organizational culture helps people develop their fullest potential. e-CRAFT has a strong belief that if people are provided with resources what they need, they can accomplish great things. e-CRAFT’s strategical believe is “change and control the way of changing in right way”. 

What do we Look for in a client 

e-CRAFT always focuses on long-term benefits of its clients. Only affording cost of software is not the ultimate cost to gain benefits from automation. That is why e-CRAFT’s MIS team works for analyzing how the technology can help organization to gain competitiveness. Only selling the product is not the main vision of e-CRAFT. e-CRAFT feels if clients fails to understand how much the automation will help them, they will be misguided which can result them to ban the trust on provider of that automation or create negative impact on IT even.

So, e-CRAFT gives the maximum emphasis on real need of clients. e-CRAFT always tries to serve the best solution to its clients to meet their future needs within their limited budget, nicely and wisely. 


During the past four and half years, we have gained high satisfaction from its customers. The target of e-CRAFT is to establish a leading position in the Bangladesh software industry in next five years. We will:

– Bring out our self as number one quality software producer of local market.

– Provide complete IT outsourcing services to large-sized and medium-sized enterprises in Europe and U.S. The services include onsite/offsite software development, technical consulting, onsite/offsite supporting and related training and testing.

– Establish branches in the major countries of Europe and North America as well as develop distributors to support online marketing and sales.

– Upgrade our IT services and enhance the technology capability of employees to meet more and more the technology require of our customers.