Online Ticketing Service

Online Ticketing Service

We are first time in Bangladesh to open the online ticket booking option for passengers. Transport counter is now not limited to in some places where people know the place as bus stop, rather for our service the counter is now in every home who ever is connected with the internet and also will be able to purchase using local and international cards (Q-cash, VISA, Master, Nexus, BRAC Bank Debit Card etc.) of different banks. We also have crossed the limit from internet towards Mobile phone by Bkash (Presently available for GP, Robi Subscribers) Payment Gateway. It is not only increasing the market for those transports that are getting the service but also helping the passenger to save money and secure the journey. As the back office solution is integrated with the main portal the passenger can get any information from a single portal and it became the largest data bank for the transport services of Bangladesh. 

If your transport is already working on implementing back office ticketing system, it is easy for us to integrate the system with our portal for online e-ticket purchase service for its passengers. 

Moreover, we are offering a financial risk free model where we will be paying you in advance for online tickets so that you remain 100% risk free. 

Value proposition for your transport 

  • 100% administrative control on transaction: Your transport will be able to monitor each and every transaction committed from by its users from the given service provider’s control panel from anywhere with secured access permission.  
  • Be part of one and only transport base information center: It very important for any transport company to have their present in online market on the changing scenario of transport business and buying behavior of the customers. As the customers always prefer one-stop service point for enter transport industry has open up a great opportunity for the transport company to be part of its virtual market without any investment.  
  • Collaborate publicity and market promotion: In all the promotional activity of it highlights the transports that has integration with the transport companies are expected to do the same to its passengers who are seeking facilities for online booking/purchase facility. It creates a collaborative growth and promotional opportunity for both the companies.  
  • Reduced pressure on infrastructure investment to gain additional clients: With the growth of operation by increasing number of routes and buses the operation cost also kip growing because of establishing new counters, appointing sales and administrative personnel & maintaining operations. Moreover for attracting more customers transports always need to open counters in new locations based on customers demand. By Introducing online ticketing can reduce this pressure and saves sky rising operational cost and ensure larger profit margin. Online system enables customers to purchase ticket from home or even from mobile so demand for counters in his/her nearest distance reduced significantly and helps transports to reduce operational costs.   
  • Technical training of existing human resource as life time gain: Our team provides technical training to existing transport staffs which is a lifetime knowledge gain for them and for the organization to continue operation with help of modern technology. 
  • Unlimited requirement and 100% free up gradation: We always offer unlimited user requirements and 100% free up gradation to our system for remain up-to-date with changing demand of modern technology. Rather than client vendor relationship we believe in cooperation for mutual growth.  
  • Scope for extra ticket selling: There is no doubt that a large number of debit/credit card users of Bangladesh will get it comfortable and time and cost saving to purchase ticket from online than form travelling to counters. The transports who will be offering online payment will gain additional clients from its competitors as because of modern facility. Moreover, mobile payment option actually made it very easy to reach all most all the citizens of Bangladesh.  
  • Ticket selling using modern technology: Rather than using manual ticketing system and giving extra effort to process management reports in non automated or semi-automated process ticketing using modern technology can increase organizational branding and also minimize the operational hassles.  
  • To relieve passengers’ woes: Passengers have a common problem in searching tickets during rush time and waiting in long queue in sales desk. Sometime passengers don’t want to understand the limitation of the seat capacity and start arguing with sales people. Handling such incident also hamper the reputation of the transport and regularly need to refuse passengers and make them unhappy. Online ticketing system can solve the problem easily also increase customer satisfaction level to create a positive branding. 
  • Reduce operational expenses: Operational expense can be reduced in number of ways. Primarily, form opening ticket selling points in fingertips of the passengers through mobile and from internet without increasing operational costs. It also saves huge management time for report processing and financial control of the organization as because of Bank to Bank secured transaction process. It also helps to reduce corruption in ticket selling and increase profits.   
  • Faster decision making for proper administrative control: When ever administrative control increased we can experience better service, satisfied customers, and higher profitability. In online system authorized management can have full control over its revenue, operations and make quicker and accurate decisions in short time.
  • Relieve from duplicate ticket problem: Duplicate ticketing is a common problem in manual or semi-automated process which not only incurred loss but also have chain effect to increase dissatisfaction in the mind of other previously satisfied passengers. Online system with complete automation can remove this problem 100% and bring back trust relationship with passengers.  
  • Technical manpower in sales counters for the support service: We also support with providing technical resource support in counter level depending on types of maintenance contract.